About Us

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office was founded in 1760, 60 years before Maine became a state. The position of Sheriff is elected by the people of Cumberland County for 4 year terms. There have been 50 Sheriffs since the inception of the Office and the Sheriff is the highest elected law enforcement official in the County.

We provide law enforcement services for all towns of Cumberland County on a regular basis that do not have their own municipal law enforcement agency. This includes 

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office works hand in hand with the municipal law enforcement, the State Police and the Warden's Service on a regular basis as well as within specialty unit services such at drug enforcement and emergency services.

The Sheriff's Office is 260 members strong.  We have a state of the art incarceration facility, and the latest technology in law enforcement support equipment.  We are committed to being members of our community and not just a force.  Together we make a stronger Cumberland County.