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Being a volunteer is one of the noblest acts a person can do.  The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, and therefore our community, benefits greatly from the generous time donated by members of our community.  Without this support, many of the programs that help inmates and add that extra set of hands in the field would not exist.

Volunteers work in the jail offering educational services, jobs skills services, substance abuse services, and counseling and spiritual services to inmates.  These services help inmates to be better prepared to put the past behind them and reclaim their lives.

Volunteers work in the field directing traffic, performing property checks, checking on senior citizens, transporting vehicles, manning community events and supporting victims after a crime.

For all of you that volunteer in any capacity in your community, thank you!  For those of you that would like to, contact us right away, so that you can see why so many do so much, for so little that is tangible.

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Email Reverend Jeff McIlwain to be a Volunteer at the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Jail.

Email VIPS President Jerry Jimino to be a Volunteer for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement.