Records Request

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office releases Incident records and crash reports in accordance with the Maine Freedom of Access Act.

  • Vehicle Crash Reports may take up to five days to complete and can also be ordered online at Maine Crash Reports.
  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Reports may take up to six months to complete due to the detailed nature of the report.
  • Deputy Incident Reports may take up to five days to complete and will be released in accordance with Maine FOAA regulation.
  • Department of Health and Human Services personnel, please submit requests using this DHHS Request Form.
  • Email your request to the Records Department.

To Request a Report

Visit, mail, fax, or email your request to:
The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Records Department
36 County Way
Portland, Maine 04102

Fax: (207)828-2357

Email the Records Department.

Call (207) 774-1444 ext. 2249 to talk with the Records Department.

There is a charge for copies of records which is intended to reimburse the reasonable costs of proving the records whether by mail, email or in person pickup at Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Center. The costs must be prepaid for any request for records exceeding $100. Otherwise all requests must be paid in full before reports can be released. The requestor may ask for an estimate of charges before proceeding. Our charges are as follows starting October 18, 2021.

Records Fees

Type of Report or Request Fees
Incident / Accident Reports $0.10 per page
Research Fee (for searching, retrieving, and compiling records) $25.00 per hour after 2 hours
Color Photos printed on paper $2.00 each
Media Requests (DVD, audio, etc.) $6.00 each

All requests must be paid in full before reports can be released.

Fees may be paid in Cash, Money Order, or Check payable to The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office - Credit and Debit cards not accepted.

All of the above charges assume that the document requested exists. The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, under Maine Revised Statues Title 1: General Provisions, Chapter 13: Public Records and Proceedings, Subchapter 1: Freedom of Access, Sec 408-A. #8, is not required to create a record that does not exist.

For more information, email the Records Department.