Specialized Units

Specialized Services
Marine Patrol

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office performs summer patrol on Sebago Lake.

The purpose of the Marine Patrol is to ensure safety on the lakes during the summer tourist season and to ensure rules and regulations protecting the lakes are followed.


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Dive Team


The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team is prepared for any underwater emergency or investigation in, but not limited to, the waters of Cumberland County. The Dive Team maintains a training program that targets the interests of public safety, diver safety, and thorough underwater investigation.

What it Takes to be a Sheriff's Office Diver

The team is prepared for both self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) as well as surface air supply (SAS) diving. The divers train 9 months a year to ensure they are prepared for any type of weather including ice diving, and they are available 24 hours a day.

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Emergency Services Unit


The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Unit (ESU), is a multijurisdictional tactical team. The ESU provides services in the areas of Search and Rescue, High Risk Prisoner Transport, Woodland Operations, Warrant Service, Civil Disturbance, Corrections Facility Unrest, Hostage or Barricade related matters, Executive Protection, and incidents considered high risk which the Sheriff deems relevant based on the units resources and training.

As a multi-jurisdictional ESU, members hail from many of Cumberland County's municipal law enforcement agencies.  In order to ensure seamless operations, the team trains regularly and in many instances with all branches of emergency services in the area.

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Reconstruction Team


The Cumberland County Sheriff 's Office Crash Reconstruction Team is comprised of three specially trained deputies. They respond to severe motor vehicle crashes, and crashes that have, or are likely to result in a fatality.

Using forensic mapping, and other specialized equipment, the team is able to measure points of interest and download the points into a detailed, to-scale diagram of the crash scene. This enables them to better determine the cause of the crash.

Reconstruction Team
K-9 Unit

The Cumberland County Sheriff 's Office is equipped with 4 expertly trained canine teams, all certified through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. All 4 teams are trained in tracking, building sweeps, evidence and article searches, officer protection, and suspect apprehension.
The teams not only serve the citizens of Cumberland County, but respond to requests for assistance from other law enforcement agencies throughout Southern Maine.

Meet the Teams
K9 Teams

Starting from Left: Deputy Christian Stickney and K9 Teemo, Deputy Matt Tufts and K9 Cooper, Sheriff Kevin J. Joyce, Deputy Charles Sawyer and K9 Rain, Deputy Dennis Mailman and K9 Murphy

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Honor Guard


The Honor Guard exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism that the agency requires of all its employees. Honor Guard members commit countless hours to training in order to reach the standards needed to be a member.

They represent the Office of the Sheriff by "Posting Colors" in honor of fallen members of the law enforcement community, as well as at inaugurations, oaths of office, parades, and sporting events.

Honor Guard at ease

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