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Application - Volunteers in Police Services

  1. Thank you for applying to be a Volunteer in Police Services (VIPS)!
  2. Because of the nature of this work, each applicant must be free from the following:
    Felony convictions. Use (tried) of marijuana in the past three years. Sold or selling marijuana. Use (tried) of any illegal or dangerous drugs or narcotics, including inhalants, hallucinogenic mind-altering substances, etc. Sold narcotics, illegal substances, or dangerous drugs. Dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Abuse of prescription medications. Excessive traffic violations within the past three years. After being employed as a law enforcement professional committing or violating federal, state, or municipal laws pertaining to criminal activity. Lying during any part of the volunteer processing. Falsifying your volunteer application. Unlawful sexual contact.
  3. As well, there is discretionary criteria that can be considered by the volunteer committee while processing your application:
    A physical or mental disability that would substantially impair an individual’s ability to perform his/her duties. Alcohol misuse or abuse, Excessive traffic violations. Commission of a felony with no conviction, Any discharge from the United States Armed Forces other than an honorable discharge. A demonstrated unwillingness to honor financial responsibilities. Any other conduct, or pattern of conduct that would jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession.
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