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CCSO Community Police Academy Application

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  4. Tell Us About You
    Even if you are concerned about qualifying for the academy, we encourage you to apply.
  5. Are you a resident of Cumberland County?
  6. Are you currently involved in any community, neighborhood, or civic organizations?
  7. Are you currently employed?
  8. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
  9. Have you been arrested for any misdemeanor (including OUI) within the last 3 year?
  10. May we contact you if we need additional information?
  11. (email address, phone number, etc.)
    For the purpose of attending the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Community Police Academy (CCSOCPA) and in consideration of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office processing my application, I hereby irrevocably consent to the following: 1. I understand that a thorough and complete background investigation will be conducted upon me for attendance of the CCSOCPA. 2. I understand that a background investigation is conducted by gathering and recording information about my past conduct and associations from any and all sources that the agency, in its sole discretion may deem appropriate, including: criminal or other governmental files and records, past and present employers, and any other source of information available. 3. I hereby release from liability and agree to hold harmless; under any and all possible causes of legal action, including negligence, the County of Cumberland, and the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office as a whole, for any negligent or wrongful statements, acts, and/or omissions made or recorded in the course of my background investigation. 4. I hereby release from liability and agree to hold harmless under any possible cause of legal action, including negligence, any person or entity which furnishes information or opinions to the agency as a part of my background investigation. 5. I authorize any person or entity contacted by the agency during the course of my background investigation to furnish any information or opinion that said person or entity may have regarding myself, my conduct, or associations regardless of any statutory or other privilege I may have. 6. I understand the need for confidentiality of sources and information in my background investigation and I expressly agree that I will never attempt to obtain access to any part of this background investigation designated as confidential by this agency. This release applies to any cause of action of any nature that might accrue to me.
  13. Waiver Acknowledgement and Consent*
    By checking this box, I agree to the terms of this waiver and application. I fully understand that any intentional attempt on my part to provide incorrect or misleading information is just cause for rejection of my application. This check box and submission is the same as my signature.
  14. That's all we need for now! You will be contacted by Deputy Joe Schnupp to schedule an interview.
  15. Do you have questions for us? Call Deputy Schnupp at (207) 774-1444 ext. 2228, or email to
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