Services - corrections

As the largest jail in the State of Maine, the Cumberland County jail serves a very diverse population. The jail utilizes many programs to better service our diverse population, with the goal of reducing recidivism. We have a strong educational program designed to help inmates receive their GED and learn job skills.

There are programs to help inmates recover from addiction issues, and we have a community services program designed to reward inmates that have worked diligently to improve their attitude, get back into the work force, and begin to reintegrate into society.


The Cumberland County Jail continues to prove it's commitment to excellence through it's 10 years of accreditation through the American Corrections Association (ACA). In partnership with the ACA, we share the common goal of improving the justice system by accepting only the highest standards in the services that we provide.


The mission of the Cumberland County Jail is to provide a healthy, safe, secure, humane, and cost effective environment in which to detain persons alleged or convicted of crimes.

Aerial photo of the County Jail

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