The location of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office 9-11 Memorial was very important to the committee.  The goal was for it to be in a location that has clear sight lines so visitors can see that it is here and that allows for up-close examination and contemplation.

Artist Rendering of 9-11 Memorial in Front of Law Enfocement Center

The original choice was in front of the Law Enforcement Center.  However, the location does not allow for 360 viewing, its tucked away just enough that it could be missed by many visitors and it lacks flags, or the space to put flags.

The next choice was across the property driveway near the railroad tracks where motorists would clearly see it.  However, it was not conducive to walking traffic and the site had no amenities and would have to be constructed from scratch, to include flags.

Artist Rendering of 9-11 Memorial in Grassy Area
Flag Circle in Front of Jail, Future Site of 9-11 Memorial

Finally, it was decided that the best place for the 9-11 Memorial would be in the center of the existing flag circle located in front of the Jail.

The area has good sight lines, electricity and offers a 360 viewing of the monument.