Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Triad: Bringing Public Safety to Seniors

TRIAD is a partnership of police, fire, rescue departments, the Attorney General's office, senior services, and seniors in the community to reduce criminal risks to the senior population.


The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office supports 4 TRIAD coalitions in the Southern Maine area:

  • Scarborough TRIAD
  • Merry Meeting TRIAD
  • Westbrook-Gorham TRIAD
  • Cape Elizabeth - South Portland TRIAD
Gorham, Windham, Westbrook Triad
Scarborough Triad
Merrymeeting Bay Triad
South Portland / Cape Elizabeth Triad



  • Assist: Recruit and train volunteers to assist local law enforcement agencies on crime prevention issues.
  • Communicate: Provide a forum for law enforcement and the community to share needs, concerns and develop solutions.
  • Educate: Provide information on criminal activity and prevention; provide social service resources.
  • Emphasize: Staff reassurance programs for older persons to reduce fear and provide moral support.
  • Involve: Unite seniors, senior service agencies, law enforcement, fire and rescue to identify problem areas for seniors in the local community and develop and implement community wide solutions.