CCSO Community Partnership

Thank you for your support during the 2015 Fundraising season!

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Community Partnership and friends had a great time at the Annual Fundraising Culmination Football Game on October 24, 2015 at the Gray/New Gloucester High School. Thank you for your generosity and participation!

This year’s fundraising season raised over $50,000.00 to be used to help kids play sports that teach leadership skills keeping the kids engaged in their community and offering them a better future. It funds five scholarships a year to help high school seniors achieve their dreams through secondary education. Also, it helps fund projects and events for Cumberland County Senior Citizens keeping them educated on how to stay safe and keeping them involved in their community.

Stay Tuned for Photos of the Event...

What is the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Community Partnership?

The Mission of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Community Partnership is to partner with the citizens of Cumberland County to build a sustainable community where the benefits of a citizen/law enforcement collaboration are recognized.

For youth, the CCSOCP provides activities and funding through fundraising that promote youth inclusion, leadership, sportsmanship, positive character and values helping to turn kids away from criminal activity.

For Senior Citizens, the CCSOCP provides activities and funding through fundraising that promotes the mission of the National TRIAD Association which focuses on senior safety and safety awareness, senior activities and involvement within the Cumberland County community.

For the Cumberland County community as a whole these ideals are combined promoting a full spectrum of involvement that supports improving the quality of life for all of our residents.

For more information email Elizabeth Macha.