Posted on: March 7, 2018

Bomb Threat, Gray/New Gloucester Middle School - Gray, ME

Incident Date:       3/7/2018

Incident Time:       1300hrs

Incident Location:31 Libby Hill Rd Gray/New Gloucester Middle School

Release Date:       3/7/2018

Release Time:       2200hrs

On the above date and time, the CCSO was notified of a bomb threat at the Gray-New Gloucester Middle School, located at 31 Libby Hill Rd in Gray. At the time of this report, the middle school staff and students were being evacuated to the High School where they were eventually dismissed for the day.

The threatening message was written on a stall in the boys’ bathroom and was found by a student. The threat referenced that the school was “getting bombed,” with an emphasis to take the threat seriously.

A thorough search of the school was conducted by members of the CCSO and Maine State Police, including the use of two (2) State Police explosive detecting K-9’s. No explosives were found.

An investigation ensued, which resulted in a 13 year old male middle school student being identified as a suspect. The student was eventually charged with Terrorizing (class C), and after consultation with a Juvenile Community Corrections Officer, was released to the custody of his parent.

Although no bombs or explosive devices were found inside the school, the threat still rises to a criminal act. 17-MRSA Section 210 states:

"A person is guilty of TERRORIZING if that person in fact communicates to any person a threat to commit or to cause to be committed a crime of violence dangerous to human life, against the person to whom the communication is made or another, and the natural and probable consequence of such a threat, whether or not such consequence in fact occurs, is:

To cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly or facility of public transport or to cause the occupants of a building to be moved to or required to remain in a designated secured area. Violation of this paragraph is a Class C crime."

In this instance (and others like it), threats of violence are not considered jokes or pranks, and are never taken lightly. These actions are criminal acts, which are frightening to students, school staff, and parents.

This case will be referred to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office (Juvenile Division) and Juvenile Community Corrections.

Prepared by:

Lt. Donald Foss

(207) 774-1444

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