2015 Annual Awards and Employee Celebration

Please join the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office as we celebrate citizens and employees that made a positive difference in our community in 2015!

Certificate of Appreciation


Amy Stanley and Joyce Wientzen

CCSO is honored to award this Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Amy Stanley and Ms. Joyce Wientzen for their commitment to the development of the Children’s Advocacy Center in Cumberland County. The non-profit organization officially opened in December of 2015 and, through its efforts, the community of Cumberland County now has a resource for children in need of such critical services.

Appreciation of Service

Detective Keith Cook

We are honored to recognize Detective Keith Cook for his eleven years of dedication and service as the lead firearms instructor CCSO. Detective Cook has been responsible for the outfitting and training our Deputies and for the numerous upgrades to the rifles and pistols which are necessary for our duties. Detective Cooks’ dedication towards the continued training and safety of our Deputies exemplifies the high standards and mission of CCSO.

Commendatory Memo


Sergeant Andrew Feeney

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present Sergeant Andrew Feeney with this commendation in recognition of his keen observations during a routine patrol of Baldwin in March of 2015. Sergeant Feeney noticed that one of our own Volunteers in Police Services, Phyllis Schroeder, had slipped and fallen on ice in the West Baldwin Church Parking lot, a remote area where she had lain for two hours. He then promptly aided her and requested Baldwin Fire and Rescue to respond. Without his keen sense of observation and the remoteness of this location, Ms. Schroeder was in grave danger of succumbing to the elements.

Commendatory Memo

Detective Keith Cook and Detective Gerard Brady

The Sheriff's Office is honored to present Detectives Keith Cook and Gerard Brady with this Commendatory Memo in recognition of their dedicated and hard work on a case involving sexual assault on a child.  After many interviews and tireless investigating the two detectives were able to get the perpetrator to admit his guilt and admit to two other cases.  With little physical evidence, without the confessions, the perpetrator would still be at large.

Commendatory Memo

Deputy Christopher Chudzik

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present Deputy Christopher Chudzik with this Commendatory Memo for his diligence in keeping the jail free of contraband.  In 2015, he intercepted eleven attempts to bring drugs into the jail.  His diligence and skill have also prevented the the influx of other contraband and weapons as well.  These efforts have saved countless from drug use, strong arming efforts and even possibly lives.

Sheriff's Unit Memo

Detective Gerard Brady
Deputy Andy Schenk
Crime Analyst Wendy Clark-Tarbox

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this award in appreciation of the actions taken resulting in the solving of several burglaries in Harpswell, Maine.  The arrest of a suspect by the Deputy Schenk, combined with the checking of the local pawn shop data bases for the suspects name performed by Analyst Clark-Tarbox and the interrogations skills of Detective Brady, pursueded the suspect to make a full confession.  

Investigative Award of Merit

Detective Bradley Rogers

The Sheriff's Office  is honored to recognize Detective Bradley Rogers for his investigative fortitude during the uncovering and prosecution of many individuals of a crystal meth ring that was was discovered in Gray in 2013.  Detective Rogers’ ability to identify the meth dealer and turn him into an informant lead to the identification and prosecution of the informants lead supplier and eventually the out-of-state supplier.  His investigation uncovered $388,000.00 in sales and removed 160 grams of cocaine from the Cumberland County community.

Community Partnership Award

WGME Channel 13/FOX 23

The Sheriff's Office is honored to recognize WGME Channel 13/FOX 23 for our continued community partnership.  The Fugitive Files program, which aired on WGME starting in 2007, has helped to identify 116 fugitives and has led to the arrest of 106 of them.  WGME has also helped to publicize National Drug Take Back Day which educates people on the importance of destroying unused medication an aids them of disposing of the medications in a safe manner.  The continued partnership with WGME has allowed us to become more involved with the community.  We thank WGME for their commitment to public safety and health within the community.  


Corrections Office Cheryl Dyer

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this Commendation to Officer Cheryl Dyer for her tenacious work ethic and leadership abilities.  Her performance of tasks in a timely and quality manner, as well as her attention to detail, and multi-tasking abilities make the jail a far more positive and safe environment.  

Sheriff’s Unit Commendation


Detective Regan Goan
Detective Brian Ackerman 

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this Commendation to Detectives Goan and Ackerman for their dedication and commitment in the development of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Regional Emergency Services Unit.  Detectives Goan and Ackerman have developed the protocol, secured participants county wide and and built the curriculumn from start to finish, resulting in one of the best ESU teams in Maine.

Sheriff’s Unit Commendation

Corrections Officer Ryan Finch
Deputy Brian Cummings

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this Commendation to Officer Finch and Deputy Cummings for their exemplary performance during the intake processing of a high risk inmate.  Because of their professionalism and training in working with high risk inmates as well as their exemplary professional verbal abilities with inmates, the two were able to safely search the inmate and confiscate 36 grams of heroin.  

Life Saving Award

Sergeant Andrew Feeney
Deputy Todd McGee

The Sheriff's Office is honored to recognize Sergeant Feeney and Deputy McGee for their efforts during a cardiac arrest of a Naples woman in May of 2015.  Due to their rapid response to the scene and their training in CPR and the use of an AED, the woman survived to be transported to the hospital.  

Traffic Safety Award

Sergeant Andrew Feeney
Deputy Cole Chandler 

The Traffic Safety Award is given to Patrol Deputies that, while still maintaining a regular regiment of calls for service, they also show and extraordinary dedication to keeping the roads of Cumberland County safe.  This year Sergeant Feeney and Deputy Chandler were the leaders in identifying habitual road offenders and get them off the streets.

Volunteers of the Year


Donna and Richard Grovo

The Sheriff's Office is honored to present Donna and Richard Grovo this award for their contributions to this agency and the citizens of Cumberland County.  Their efforts as the charter members of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) have been exemplary.  For over a decade, they have been steadfast Volunteers in Police Services offering countless volunteer hours ensuring that the Sheriff's Office is able to provide the kinds of services that would be impossible with just our staff.  The Grovos and the VIPS are a priceless asset.

Civilian of the Year


Michelle Noyes

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this award to Ms. Noyes for her many contributions to this agency. Ms. Noyes is a consummate professional and can always be counted on to present fresh ideas, increase financial fortitude for the Corrections Division, and help out on whatever is needed. Point in case was the recent research and securing of Keefe for inmate commissary which increases the revenue for the facility by six percent.

Deputy of the Year

Deputy Al Winslow

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this award to Deputy Winslow for his dedicated and professional service when recently tasked with many difficult cases including the death of a young child in a car crash.  Deputy Winslow pushed forward investigating each case flawlessly, timely and yielding solid results, all while still performing his regular duties on the canine team and Honor Guard.

Corrections Officer of the Year


Officer Deborah Devou

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this award to Officer Devou for her dedication to duty. Through January and February, Officer Devou was assigned to the Medical Unit and was tasked with handling one of our most difficult inmates. Through her persistence and determination, she was able to help in getting this inmate back on track medically improving this person's quality of life.

Corrections Supervisor of the Year


Sergeant Donald Mowatt

The Sheriff's Office is proud to present this award to Sergeant Mowatt for his many contributions to this agency. While keeping his shift running with the numerous day to day business challenges, he is an incredible “go-to” expert for radio issues at the jail,and ensures that the staff is trained as well. His keen understanding of the processes are invaluable in helping to bring new Corrections Officers up to speed with relevant and accurate information. 

Law Enforcement Supervisor of the Year


Lieutenant Donald Foss

The Sheriff's Office is proud to award this award to Lieutenant Foss for his many contributions to this agency. His professionalism sets an example for the other supervisors to follow; he is a perfectionist insisting on detailed accuracy; and makes himself available pretty much all of the time. Personable, approachable and always willing to lend a hand.  

Lt. Charles Elliott Award

Lieutenant Donald Foss

The Lt. Charles R. Elliott Award is given to an outstanding Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy who displays uncommon traits of duty, honor and sacrifice to the agency as well as the community they serve. This year’s recipient is For all of the reasons listed for the Law Enforcement Supervisor of the Year, this year's recipient is Lt. Foss..  He has uncompromising dedication to his profession, he is a team player and always keeps the best interest of this agency and our community as job one.  Time and again he rises to the occasion, sacrificing his time and energy insisting on the best performance from himself and those that he supervises.

Chief Deputy Award

Corrections Officer Christopher Bisson

Corrections Officer Christopher Bisson has proven himself to be a great asset to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office for many years.  He is the assistant to the ACA Accreditation Manager, a mameber of the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine Team, and is now the leading authority at the Jail on the Prison Rape Elimination Act.  His dedication is boundless, he has an amazing work ethic and insists on the highest quality of product from himself.  

Sheriff's Award


Aaron Gilpatrick
Devin Mackenzie
William Wlodrczyk

This award is presented to Aaron Gilpatrick, Devin MacKenzie and William “Bill” Wlodarczyk in recognition of their hard work and continuous service to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.  This team of IT professionals has been extremely helpful to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office for several years.  During their tenure with us, they have provided exceptional service to all members of this agency without complaint, no matter how trivial the request may be.

Of notable effort was the recent training of nearly 200 employees on the intricate operation of the Spillman application that is utilized by the Sheriff's Office to input and track data about individuals with whom we come into contact.

Therefore, in recognition of Aaron Gilpatrick, Devin MacKenzie and Bill Wlodarczyks' hard work, teamwork, professionalism and contributions to the mission of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, I make public this Commendation and acknowledge that they have met the Sheriff’s hallmark- First to Serve.